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Follicular Unit Extraction, commonly referred to as FUE, is the modern technique of hair restoration.

FUE is a minimally invasive hair restoration option that demands skill and precision to achieve

the best result. FUE is favored amongst patients with minimal hair loss,

or those who are looking to avoid the Scarring from FUT. It’s important to be mindful that that hair transplant grafts are effectively “living organs”. Therefore, the time they spend outside of the body must be kept to a minimum to ensure graft survival, health and natural results post transplant.


Our Team  are highly competent with a repertoire of before/afters for patients to view. A common concern

when considering FUT is a very large scar. We pride ourselves in a clean transplant, with a pencil like scar.

we do  FUE Hair Transplant without any Scar Currently a very nice offer is running contact us to know

details about it .

FUE Hair Transplants at a Glance

  • Procedure Time: 3-8 hours

  • Return To Work: 5 days

  • Full Recovery: 2 weeks

  • Price: starting from  8000 AED 

    In short, most patients will opt for FUE over FUT in regards to scarring limitations, a less invasive procedure or for those who do not wish to shave the donor region.

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