General Information About HIFU Threatment

  • HIFU session takes 20-30 minutes for the whole face.
  • The generated heat creates coagulation zones in the SMAS.
  • That coagulation causes a quick contraction of muscles in that layer.
  • Skin shrinks and an immediate lifting effect is noticed after the session.

What to Expect after the Treatment?

  • Daily activities can be resumed immediately.
  • No downtime
  • An immediate skin tightening impression
  • An immediate improvement in the results after your session and up to 6 weeks after.

10 Things  To  Know About Non Surgical Face Lift With HIFU

  1. HIFU Stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound : it means the machine gets ultrasound energy focused as small dots in certain depths ( each depth is delivered by different cartridge) it can work from 1.5 to maximum 16 mm ( for Body). on the face basically we need to reach to SMAS layer which is  in 3m  to 4.5 mm depth.
  2. What is the SMAS layer made of?   The superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) is a tissue sheet of collagen and elastin fibers, and fat cells extending from the neck up to the forehead (Mitz and Peyronie, 1976).  HIFU energy should hit this layer.
    3. How hifu works on SMAS layer :
    The HIFU focuses on points of coagulative necrosis in the SMAS layer of the skin through 65-degree heat zones. This enables the SMAS layer to be contracted without causing damage to the surrounding tissue or skin surface.
    4. Is HIFU painful ?
    As you already noticed HIFU works deep on the face like in 4.5 mm dept ! so even though we are applying numbing cream on the face but it cannot  work properly in that dept so a little bit of pain always is there during procedure but its tolerable.
    5.How many sessions of HIFU do you need?
    The majority of people only need one treatment for the face. Touch-up treatments could be performed in 1 year intervals, depending in the degree of lifting and tightening required.For double chin or body we can go for Multiple sessions .
    6.whats the difference between HIFU and Ultherapy ?
    Ultherapy uses micro-focused ultrasound (MFU) beams to do this, whereas Hifu uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. The key difference between these two techniques is size of the beams  delivered to the deeper layers of the skin. so basically in Ultherapy the beams are microfocused so smaller and weaker than HIFU !
    the other difference  is that in Ultherapy there is an ultrasound system to see where is SMAS layer before shooting  so it can work more precisely .
    7.which machines do you recommend for this treatment ? 
    Ultherapy , Ultraformer 3 , Korean HIFU are 3 devices which has been safely safely  used .
    8. Does HIFU  has any Side effect on the face ?
    side effects of HIFU can be :
    . Mild redness , itching of skin (10%)
    .post procedure pimples ( they are so called angry hair follicles that get swollen after extensive heating by HIFU Treatment (% 3-4)
    . Mild  temporary Neural Paresthesia
    specially around mouth ( %3-4 ) sometimes happens due to mild  Neural damage lasts just few days ,
    .No Effect ! No effect is one of the side effects (%10) Hifu works by collagen stimulation so if you are on sever weight loss diet or during pregnancy or any situation that affect collagen synthesis like taking corticosteroids ! this treatment is not suitable for you .
    . HIFU treatment can cause FAT LOSS . basically this is the basic reason that only Ultherapy has FDA approval and even famous Ultraformer 3 don’t have FDA approval . Basically if one has very thin face with low fat tissue so should better  do Ultherapy which uses Microfocused ultrasound so its less invasive and can cause less fat loss but the effect also can be less than HIFU treatments which are using more invasive focused ultrasound .
    to prove this we tested both 3 machines and shoot them on a plastic test pad , as I already explained the Ulthera had  caused very mild  but very precise dots on the pad . Ultraformer  dots was little bit stronger than Ultherapy and Korean HIFU was the strongest .
    9 . Take home Note : If you have  lets say skinny face should go for mild treatment and if you have a normal or even chubby facial structure can go for HIFU ( like Ultraformer3 or Korean HIFU)
    10 . HIFU is not used only for aesthetics and first time it was invented by The Fry brothers for neurologic disorders in humans. Early attempts to generate HIFU lesions in the brain through the intact skull bone were unsuccessful. but currently HIFU had FDA approval to treat Prostate cancer .
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